23 June, 2014

R.I.P. SR. ERMELINDA A.C. Age: 99 ½ Xavier's parish, Navrangpura.


Age: 99 ½
Expired on 23rd June, 2014
Time: 5.40 a.m.
Funeral service at St. Xavier’s Church
On 24th June, 2014
At 9.30 a.m.

22 June, 2014

FATHER'S LOVE (an inspirational song by Gary Valenciano)

Thanks Fr Siddharth for being with us in Xavier's Parish

Thanks Fr Siddharth

Fr Siddharth Canisius has been transfered to St Xavier's School , Surat. He is no longer belongs to our Parish.

Fr P Siddarth Canisius SJ, joined the Society of Jesus (Gujarat Province) on 25 July 1984 and was ordained a priest on on 17 October 1998. His first appointment was to the Dang Missions. He spent about three months each in Pimpri, Shamgahan and Subir Missions. He has been both Hostel Director and Asst Parish priest in Unai Mission. After Tertionship (the final stage of formation in the SJ) in Spain was Minister of Premal Jyoti (Administratior) for three years. Simultaneously he has been the faculty of Gujarati Juniorate at Shradha. He has been serving in Our Parish for the past three years as assistant parish priest. He is known for his eloquence in Gujarati and knowledge of Indian music.

The Word Exposed - Gospel (June 22, 2014) with SL

15 June, 2014

TRINITY Sunday 2014

MOST HOLY TRINITY (A) 15 June 2014
John 3, 16-18
José Antonio  Pagola
Trust in God
The effort made by theologians through the centuries to explain in human concepts the mystery of the Trinity today hardly helps Christians to revive their trust in God the Father,  to reaffirm their adherence to Jesus, the incarnate Son of God and to welcome with  a lively faith the presence of the Spirit of God in us.
   For this it would accordingly be good to make an effort  to approach the mystery of God with simple words and a humble heart. We must do so by following closely  the message, deeds and the whole life of Jesus: mystery of the incarnate Son of God.
   The mystery of the Father is tender love and unfailing forgiveness. No one is excluded  from his love, no one denied his forgiveness. The Father loves us and seeks each one of his children through ways known only to him.  He regards every human being with infinite tenderness and deep compassion.  It’s the reason why Jesus always  calls upon him with a single word: “Father”.
   Our main attitude before this Father should be one of trust. The ultimate mystery of reality we believers call “God”, should never cause us fear or worry:  GOD CAN ONLY LOVE US. He understands our little, vacillating faith.  We should never feel sad about our lives, almost always so mediocre; nor be discouraged on discovering that we have lived for years away from this Father. We can entrust ourselves to him with simplicity of heart. Our little faith will do.
   Jesus invites us to place our trust in him. These are his words:  “Let not your hearts be troubled. You believe in God. Believe in me too. “ Jesus is the living image of the Father.  In his words we listen to what the Father is telling us. In his actions and his behavior,  totally committed to  making life more humane,  he reveals to us how much God loves us.
   That’s why in Jesus we can find in any situation a real, friendly,  close-to-us  God. He fills our lives with peace. He has us change over from fear to trust, from suspicion to a simple faith in the ultimate mystery of life that is only Love.
   To welcome the Spirit that inspires the Father and his Son Jesus is to welcome in us the invisible, silent, but real presence of the mystery of God.  When we become conscious of this continual presence, there begins to arise in us a new trust in God.
   Our lives are fragile, full of contradictions and uncertainty:  believers or not, we live surrounded by mystery. But the mysterious presence of the Spirit is us, although weak, is sufficient to sustain our trust in the ultimate Mystery of life that is only Love.

Spread trust in God

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