A message from the parish priest

My dear Parishioners,
Fr Valerian Dias SJ

Peace of the Risen Christ!

Happy Easter.

Let us praise the Lord for helping us to experience a wonderful Lenten season which culminated in the beautiful celebration of the Holy Week and especially the Easter celebration. As St Paul says, we must always remember that we are a Easter People.

I take this opportunity to thank each of you who contributed to make the celebrations both meaningful and successful.

I am happy to thank all the Parishioners who contributed generously towards the Renovation of the roof of our Church. May God bless all of you!

It is a joy to see that many of our parishioners are visiting the Parish Blog. Keep it up. We welcome suggestions to make our blog interactive. Do contribute.

May Our Risen Lord
Empower you, to live the "Good News"
Accompany you, every moment of your life
Strengthen you, when the going gets tough
Transform you, when you feel like giving up
Enthuse you, to make our world more just and more human
Rejoice, that you are not afraid to be his disciples in today's world

Wish you the blessings of EASTER
Fr Valerian Dias SJ
Parish Priest 
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